Shilpa Reddy to start another new business

Miss India Shilpa Reddy is a renowned fashion designer and businessman. She has a good relationship with the filmmakers. Shilpa Reddy is very close, especially to the Akkineni family. Also Shilpa Reddy is currently on the rise as a businessman. She is very happy with the super response to the project Sustainable Living with Shilpa Reddy. Recently, Shilpa Reddy posted that she is also starting a new business. Kanthi Dutt, a businessman, is starting another new business with an investor partnership. "I know this is the perfect time to start something new and the newest beginnings. I, kanthi are starting another business this new year. Look forward to that big announcement coming tomorrow," Shilpa Reddy posted. She also shared details of it in a video along with that post.

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