Santosh Shobhan's Peculiar Plan For Like Share Subscribe!!

Young and talented hero Santosh Shobhan is greatly a anticipating the
release of his upcoming film, Like Share Subscribe which is up for
release on the 4th of November.

As a part of the promotions, the unit release a new promo video and it
has a hilarious touch. In the video, Santosh asks strangers and
commoners if they know about the film.

Santosh and comedian Sudharshan are seen conversing with commoners
about whether or not they know the former and his upcoming film, Like
Share Subscribe. The video has a fun vibe all the way through.

Many of the people recognize Santosh and also the film, LSS. A few get
the release date right and a few don't. The video, as a whole, it a
very entertaining one.

The film is directed by Merlapaka Gandhi and it has Faria Abdullah in
the female lead role.

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