Santosh Shobhan: Like Share Subscribe Is One Of Most Special Films In My Life!!

Young and talented hero Santosh Shobhan was recently seen in a comedy
caper, Like Share Subscribe which is directed by Merlapaka Gandhi.
Following the release, he has shared an emotional note.

“The first time I faced the camera was back in March of 2010 as I
delivered my first lines with incredible Mohan Krishna Indraganti
calling the cut. That day my dream came true and I can never take it
for granted.” Santosh said.

“Like Share Subscribe is one of the most special films of my life as
it was made with a lot of love and good intentions. It’s my second
collaboration with brother/director, Merlapaka Gandhi and first of
many with the Amazon Faria Abdullah. I would like to thank Sudarshan,
Brahmans sir, Mirchi Kiran, our DOP Vasanth, music directed Pravin and
Ram: and the entire cast and crew of film who worked ever so hard to

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