Sanchita Shetty in My South Diva Photoshoot

Sanchita Shetty, who has a good craze for her Tamil and Kannada movies, makes everyone stare at her beauty with her photoshoots. she recently took part in a photoshoot for the My South Diva 2021 calendar. with her cute smile, she looked great in this photo shoot. This photoshoot-making video was posted on My South Diva YouTube channel. In this video, you can see how Sanchita Shetty was beautifully captured. Drones and special cameras were used for the photoshoot. The photoshoot took place at a beautiful resort in Goa as well as near the beach. her smile looks so beautiful in the shots in this photoshoot. This unique photo shoot was conducted by renowned photographer Manoj. These photoshoot photos are coming up on My South Diva 2021 calendar. Sanchita posted this making video on her social media as Super Fun Shoot. Malvika Sharma photoshoot has already taken place for My South Diva calendar. The new heroines who worked for My South Diva channel are posting exclusive photoshoot-making videos.

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