Samantha confirmed in Shakuntalam

Gunasekhar is known for his mangum-opus  films. After the Tollywood film Rudrammadevi, Gunasekhar took a break of almost five years. Now, he is coming back to entertain us with two huge projects. He already announced the film 'Hiranyakashyapa' with Rana as the hero. The film is produced by Suresh Productions. However, the film still has a long way to go. With this, Gunasekhar also announced another film. Gunasekhar will be filming episodes of Shakuntala - Dushyanta love story, how they broke up and how they met again under the title Shakuntalam. The story has been taken from the Mahabharata. The film will be produced under his own banner Guna Teamworks. Manisharma has been selected as the music director. According to the latest information, the heroine of the movie has been officially revealed. Top actress Samantha will play the title role in the film Shakuntalam. Details of the rest of the cast and crew for this big budget film are likely to be revealed soon.

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