Sam earns 14 million followers on Instagram

amantha Akkineni, who was introduced to the Telugu audience with her movie 'Emaya Cheshave', cast her charm on youngsters. Samantha, who starred opposite Naga Chaitanya in that film, fell in love with him and got married. Samantha is currently shining as one of the top heroines in Tollywood. Samantha has not just created a record for herself in movies but also on social media. She has gained 14 million followers on her official Instagram page. On this occasion Samantha shared a beautiful photo through her Instagram. In the photo, she can be seen wearing a beautiful gold color dress.Samantha is currently away from movies, and is busy with her talk show called 'Sam Jam' on Aha OTT. Samanta entertains Tollywood celebrities with her cute words, interviewing them in her own style. Recently, Tamanna participated in the 'Sam Jam' program hosted by Samantha. Samantha will also be interviewing megastar Chiranjeevi on the show soon. She will also be playing an important role in the web series 'Family Man' airing on Amazon Prime.

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