Sai Pallavi’s interview for Pava Kadaigal

Kerala Beauty Sai Pallavi robbed the hearts of Telugu audience with the Tollywood film Fida. Needless to say, how good she performed in the film. Since then, she has been getting ample offers in Telugu and Tamil as well. Currently, Sai Pallavi has been promoting her upcoming film Pava Kadaigal. It is going to be the first Telugu anthology film on Netflix. Sai Pallavi recently gave an interview to the YouTube channel ‘Sai Pallavi Zoom’. In this interview, Sai Pallavi shared a lot of things about her. Sai Pallavi has told many things about her first film, how her career started, its successes, and failures. Sai Pallavi also shared about her struggle with pimples on her face.Sai Pallavi, who played Prakash Raj's daughter in the film 'Pava Kadaigal', shared a lot about the film as well. She shared that she was intimidated with Prakash Raj on the set. I was very scared of his discipline, she shared. Watch out the interview to know more

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