Sai Dharam Tej shares a solo pic

Hero Sai Dharam Tej’s classic appearance at his cousin and mega Niharika’s
marriage was appreciated by all. He took to Instagram and posted a photo from the
wedding. The marriage took place in Uday Villas in Udaipur and was attended by
family members and relatives. Ram Charan, Varun Tej, Allu Arjun and Sai Dharam
Tej enjoyed the wedding. We all met for festivals and celebrations, but the buzz
that we all made in the wedding was much special. At the wedding, Sai Dharam
Tej looked stunning in a blue dresses. On work front, Sai Dharam Tej said that they
are making efforts to release the upcoming film ‘Solo Bratuke So Betteru’ in the
theaters. It is going to be one of the first big budget movies in Tollywood to release
in theaters post corona lockdown. The film will hit the theaters on 25th of the
month for Christmas.

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