Ruhani Sharma growing plants

Ruhani Sharma, who made her Telugu debut in 2018 with Chi La Sow, has made a name for herself in the industry with her acting talent in the film. The film directed by Rahul Ravindran bagged the 66th National Award in 2019. However, Ruhani Sharma, who is busy making a series of films in Telugu and Tamil, is also very active on her social media account. Ruhani Sharma shared a photo on her Instagram account with potted plants growing under sunlight in her house. She captoned the post saying ' Have a look at these Beauties#growwithme @urbankisaan @samantharuthprabhuoff '. The plants were designed by a website called Urban Kisan. We can also order grown plants through their website and get delivery our home. Ruhani Sharma is currently working in the first Telugu movie Dirty Hari and the film is being directed by renowned director-producer M.S Raju. She will start working for Hit 2, a sequel to the HIT film that released this year. The film is directed by Shailesh Cole and is produced by actor Nani.

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