Robert teaser released

The upcoming movie 'Robert' directed by Tarun Sudhir will star the famous Kannada hero Darshan as the male lead. The film is produced by Umapati Srinivas Gowda under the banner of Umapati Films. Jagapathibabu, Ravi Shankar and Ravi Kishan Devaraj played the lead roles. The visuals shown in the teaser are great. The teaser goes on with the dialogue "He has the patience of lord Sri Rama, he keeps his word like Dasaradha Rama, and he's like Janakiramudu in love, but he rebels like ... Chaturdasa, Bhuvana Bhayankara, Lankeshwara, Dasakantha Ravana".
Darshan, who grew up to be a star hero in the Kannada industry, will be introduced to Tollywood with this film. The film crew has officially announced that the film will be released on March 11. Kannada actors like Upendra, Yash, Rakshit Shetty and Rishabh Shetty have proved their talent in Kannada as well as other languages. Upendra has earned a huge fan base by earning good marks as a director as well as an actor. After that, Rakshit Shetty and Rishabh Shetty continued the same path.
Yash, who got a reputation as a star hero in the Kannada film industry, all of a sudden became well-known image across the industry with the film ‘K.G.F. On seeing this, other Kannada actors are following the trend and are releasing their films in Telugu. Let's hope that Darshan will also be well received in Telugu like others.

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