Renu Desai mesmerises with her beautiful smile

Renu Desai needs no introduction. There was a time when she was the most sought after actress in Tollywood. However, after marriage and split with Pawan Kalyan, she stayed away from movies. Renu Desai is known to everyone as Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife .. as a director. After splitting from Pawan, she has been living with her two children in Pune since 2011.  Renu Desai stays close to her fans through social media. She keeps posting interesting updates regarding her personal and professional life. Renu Desai's Instagram followers already understand that Renu Desai is not only an actress but also a good poet and a good photographer. Renu Desai started her second innings in acting. Currently, she is starring in a web series. Renu Desai is directing the movie in which Uttej's youngest daughter plays the lead. Recently, Renu Desai posted a photo of herself with a beautiful smile on her Instagram. This traditional photo is getting tremendous likes.

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