tremendous response to 'Pogaru' dialogue trailer

Kannada action prince Dhruva Sarja is playing the hero in the upcoming movie Pogaru. The film of the same name in Kannada was dubbed in Telugu. The film, which has already completed shooting, is currently in post-production phase. The film will be released soon. The Karabu song that has already been released from this movie has become a very big hit. The song has crossed 50 million views in Telugu alone. The dialogue trailer from the movie Pogaru has now been released. The trailer almost gave an idea of how the movie was going to be. Dhruva Sarja is going to appear in a completely mass look. Rashmi played the role of a very traditional girl. This trailer is full of mass dialogues. This trailer is trending on youtube right now. The trailer garnered nearly 4 million views within hours of its release. Nanda Kishore directed the film and Chandan Shetty composed the music.

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