Remembering the legendary actor Sr. N.T.R on his 25 death anniversary

Nandamuri Tarakarama Rao is a name that will remain in the Telugu film industry forever. NTR, who made over 400 films in Telugu, died of a heart attack on January 18, 1996. Even though he is not with us, N.T.R will always be in the hearts of fans with his movies. He created a sensation with the Telugu Desam Party in 1982. Within 9 months of the formation of the party, Telugu Desam won the elections and made his name known all over the country at that time. N.T.R is a person who has brought recognition to the Telugu nation and the Telugu language across the country. Rama Rao is also credited with Legislating the right for women to have a share in the property. NTR was the only person to have served as Chief Minister for 7 years at that time. The fact that he was called ‘Annagaru’ by all the Telugu people shows how close he was to the people. He became the main attraction for as many sensations in politics as he did in movies. Giving 1 kg of rice for Rs. 2. Today, on the occasion of his death, his fans and family members will visit his grave near NTR Ghat to pay their respects and love towards him.

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