Rashmika dedicates it to all the mothers

Upasana Konidala is getting positive reviews for her web portal ‘Your Life’,  through which she shares information about health related matters. Recently, Tollywood actress Rashmika Mandaana was invited as a guest on the portal, and the actress made koli curry. Upasana shared a small promo of the episode on social media.Upasana captioned  that the viewers should watch out 'Your Life' to find out, how Rashmika made this dish. From the promo, it can be seen that both the girls were having a lot of fun. Rashmika is also heard saying that the curry is very healthy and the recipe doesn’t use oil.Rashmika said that she is her mother’s pet and dedicated the curry to all the  mothers. Upasana brings the top heroines to her show and shares healthy dishes with them.

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