Rashi Chowdhury says bye to 2020 in her style

2020 has come to an end now. This year has been difficult for everyone, regardless of language. It affected everyone in some way. All in all, with the completion of this Covid Year, everyone is eagerly awaiting whether 2021 will bring them luck. Everyone is saying goodbye on social media. In this context, the goodbye tweet by renowned diabetes educator Rashi Chowdhury is interesting to everyone. She said "Okay bye bye 2020. Lessons which no year has taught us, 2020 you did teach us. I want to stay home tonight. I want to eat my favorite and enjoy it too. Want to order a little rum chocolate cake as well. she asked her fans to recommend her any movies, tell her what are their New Year plans and she asked  "Want to go out and stay home? "How are your New Year plans going to be like. she asked these on her social media page.

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