Rana’s “Why Are You” in 2021!

Rana Daggubati has become a popular across pan India with the Tollywood movie ‘Bahubali’. He is making a series of films in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi as well. Also, Rana is entertaining the audiences as a villain. He is playing roles that are only possible for him. Actor Rana will be seen next in a typical role in the movie ‘Virataparvam’. He recently married his girlfriend and settled down. Rana is currently working on his upcoming films. As of now, Rana is appearing not only in movies but also in TV shows. Everyone knows how successful the recent talk show ‘Number One Yari with Rana’ was. Now, Rana is doing another show titled ‘Why Are You’ and it is going to be streaming live on South Bay. However, Rana recently mentioned an update on his Twitter account. The second episode of show ‘Why Are You’ is going to be streamed on January 2 next year. Rana Daggubati said this news by bidding good bye to this year.

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