Rana organizing a contest for South Bay channel

Rana has been busy shooting for a series of big-budget movies as well as managing his crazy YouTube channel South Bay. Within a few days of the opening of the South Bay Channel, there was a good craze for this on YouTube. There is a lot of craze for Rana's Why Are You interviews on this South Bay channel. Already Rana has interviewed renowned director Ram Gopal Varma on Why Are You show. And this interview got a lot of views on YouTube. Now, Rana has put up a contest through his social media. If you post a 60-second video to Why Are You question on Twitter with the tag #WhyAreYou, and you will win a chance to be interviewed by Rana himself. This interview video will be released on the South Bay Channel on December 6 at 10pm. Also, Rana conveyed through his social media that, the South Bay Channel is going to give a big surprise to the fans. lets wait and watch.

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