Rana Daggubati stunning looks

Tollywood actor Rana Daggubati, who has been making a variety of films in
Telugu from the beginning, got fame all over the country with his film ‘Bahubali’.
After this movie, Rana is choosing his projects even more carefully. Now, Rana
Daggubati and Sai Pallavai are playing the lead roles in the upcoming movie
'Virataparvam' directed by Venu Udugula. Rana wished New Year to his fans
through social media account. He posted his black and white photo saying
‘Wishes on my behalf to all of you to make your-self even better in 2021’.
Currently, the filming of his movie ‘Virat Parvam’ has reached its final stage.
Along with this film, the movie ‘Aranya’ is also preparing for release. The film
will be released in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. Rana is going to appear in a new
look in this movie. Prabhu Solomon, who has a good name in Tamil, is directing
the film. Reliable sources say that Rana has recently agreed to do a film with
Pawan Kalyan.

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