Rana came forward to help physically handicapped people

Rana Daggubati is someone who looks like a hulk from the outside, but he is known for having a soft heart. Recently, Rana shocked everyone by revealing that he was born with health problems since birth and that he had BP since childhood, on Sam-Jam. Rana, who has been very busy with a series of films, came forward to help physically handicapped people on the occasion of World Disability Day. Rana Daggubati gave a good message to the community. Under the hashtag #buildbackbetter, Disabled Rights Committee has been has been working on several initiatives for people with disabilities. Rana used the hashtag to give a message that "Like the rest, the disabled also contribute to the well-being of society. But all they need is convenience and productivity. There are over 100 million disabled people in India. Let us build a more convenient society for them," says Rana.

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