Ram Gopal Varma Hires a Theatre in Spark OTT!!!

The new OTT application is set to provide entertainment for Indian movie lovers during the lockdown in spark which is a part of the UK - Based Incredible  Technologies Pvt Ltd. This OTT application is owned by Sagar manchanuru caters largely to the current in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi Languages.

The Sensational film director Ram Gopal Varma has been making back to back movies and a few of his movies are ready to release. RGV hired a theatre, in Spark OTT and his films such as D Company, Dangerous, Disha Encounter etc. Will soon be releasing on Spark.

Young Entrepreneur and Managing Director, Sagar Manchanuru who saw the opportunity to create a unique level of entertainment says, " Our goal is to provide entertainment for all kinds of tastes and sensibilities, but our innovation emerges from unheard of stories and gripping content like some of the ideas mentioned above".

Spark OTT will be launching on May 15th and there are many interesting films ready to stream on the application.

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