Ram Charan and Upasana in Quarantine

Upasana Konidela is very active on social media. She keeps posting about Ram Charan’s movie updates as well as tips and diet-related to health on her Instagram. Recently, she posted her photo spending time with her husband Ram Charan on Instagram. Tollywood mega hero Ram Charan's wife Upasana Konidela has given an update on her health condition. Upasana said that she also underwent a corona test after getting to know that Ram Charan was tested positive for corona. She clarified that she had tested negative for corona and had no symptoms at present.  She mentioned that she suspected that she would also test positive for the virus. Through her social Media post, Upasana revealed that she is now in the home quarantine with Mr. C (Ram Charan) and Mr. C is recovering. Upasana Konidela said that they are also taking steam and hot drinks. Ram Charan is likely to get Covid negative soon. Currently Ram Charan is doing R.R.R., Acharya films.

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