Rajinikanth’s political party symbol revealed

It is already known that superstar Rajnikanth is entering politics from next year. The party details were revealed recently. Rajinikanth has recently revealed his party's symbol and name. Rajinikanth's party was named 'Makkal Sevai Karchi' (Public Service Party). He also reportedly chose 'Auto' as an election mark for his party. Rajinikanth has a relationship with 'Autorickshaw' and he appeared as an auto driver in his career altering film Basha. It is well known how many records the film has created. Rajini considers Auto as his sentiment. Meanwhile, Rajinikanth first considered the 'Baba logo' for his election mark. But the election commission denied it. The cycle was considered as an election mark and finally 'Auto' which was sentimental to him was chosen. Thalaiva Rajinikanth wrote to the Election Commission of India (ECI) seeking to allocate his party's 'auto rickshaw' as a poll symbol for his political party 'Makkal Sevai Karchi'.

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