Rahul Vijay, Megha Akash's New Film Launched!!

Young actors Rahul Vijay and Megha Akash, and Natakireeti Rajendra
Prasad are collaborating for a new film and the same was formally
lanuched today. Megha's mother Bindu Akash is presenteing the film and
it is produced by Kota Film Factory and Trippy Pics Sutdios. A
Sushanth Reddy and Abhishek Kota are the producers. Abhimanyu Buddhi
is directing the film.

Speaking on the occasion, Megha said "I am happy to work with Sushanth
and Abhimanyu again after Dear Megha. I am also happy that my mother
is presenting the film."

Rahul said "This film has a very good concept. It is a cool rom-com.
We are very passionate about the film and we need your blessings."

Actor Arjun Kalyan said "This is a new-age romantic entertainer. The
film has talented pair Rahul and Megha and it also features veteran
actor Rajendra Prasad. We will complete the filming in 25 days."

Director Abhimanyu said "This film is set in Goa backdrop. It has
several seasoned actors in the lead roles."

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