Priyadarshi shout-out to Manoj Paramahansa

Tollywood’s rebel star Prabhas is currently acting in the film Radhe Shyam. The shooting of the film is currently underway in Hyderabad. The shooting is going to be completed soon. The film is directed by Radha Krishna Kumar, and Pooja Hegde is playing the heroine. Leading comedian Priyadarshi is playing the role of hero’s friend in the film. Recently, The Priyadarshi shared a photo from the sets on his Instagram and it has gone viral now. "Radhe Shyam's love story has become more beautiful with the marriage between physics and light," Priyadarshini posted referring to the lighting technique used for the film. He also gave a shout-out to the cinematographer Manoj. Manoj Paramahansa is working as a cinematographer for Radhe Shyam. Priyadarshi is awestruck with the different lighting used during the shooting. Radhe Shyam will be released in the first half of next year.

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