Prince reveals details of his upcoming film

Prince Cecil entered Tollywood industry with the movie 'Neku Naku Dash Dash'. But he got a break with the 'Bus Stop' movie. However, the actor failed to pick right opportunities, and ended up playing character artist roles. Prince is making sure that he makes the best out of this opportunity. He has earned good fame for himself with character roles in movies like 'Nenu Shailaja' and 'Ashwaddhama'. Also, Prince got a lot of popularity through Bigg Boss 1. Prince appeared to be a strong contender in Bigg Boss 1 from the beginning, for some reason he stumbled and fell before the finals. However, he proved himself with Bigg Boss show. Even after that, Prince has his own chances and got busy with movies again.Recently, he gave updates about his next movie. He will be seen in the role of Vikram in the film and says that he likes the role very much. We must say that the Prince's look for this character is Awesome.

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