Press Release - Actress Anu Emanuel launches SR Jewellery Exclusive Studio at Banjara Hills!!

Press Release

Actress Anu Emanuel launches SR Jewellery Exclusive Studio at Banjara Hills

Jewellery designer Sneha Reddy announced her SR Jewellery Exclusive Studio at Hyderabad. The Jewellery Studio was inaugurated by Tollywood film actress Anu Emmanuel at Road no 11, Banjara Hills, in the presence of Sneha Reddy along with Vikarabad ZP chairperson Sunitha Mahender  Reddy on Wednesday. SR Jewellers is a premium brand in luxury jewellery segment offering aesthetic products to their clients. They have an expertise in crafting antique Nizam jewellery with the blend of modern design.

Sneha Reddy, Jewellery designer &  Founder, SR Jewellery Exclusive Studio, while speaking at the launch said, "SR Jewellers is in pursuit of helping people to find the perfect diamond and gold jewellery for all of their important occasions. The design team here has an indepth knowledge about the Nizam style of jewellery making and have created many unique designs out of their imagination.Right from syndicated polkies to Nizam satlada's and Nizam chokers ,SR Jewellers is a one stop destination for all the jewellery lovers. The in house artisans have a great eye for detail and  are known for there exemplary designs. The newly inaugurated Store has great and stunning products such as precious gemstones ,unique emerald's, bridal sets and exclusive Antique jewellery under one roof.  I am really happy today as it was my dream to launch a Jewellery Studio".

Actress Anu Emanuel said, "My best wishes to Sneha Reddy for her new jewellery studio. I have seen the designs and I really like the antique collection that have been displayed here. All the products are made with great skill. Personally, I like minimalistic jewellery and I prefer simple ornaments".

About Designer Sneha Reddy
Founded by Sneha Reddy SR Jewellers is a sought out jewellery destination for many Indian and Overseas clients. From the very beginning Sneha Reddy was always interested in Antique jewellery and used to create her own designs. What started as a passion gradually became a career option for her. She has a special expertise  in designing the wedding jewellery and is known for her  antique Nizam pattern of styling. To reach out to more people Sneha Reddy has launched her flagship Store in Banjara Hills.

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