Praneetha on enjoying mode

Praneetha Subhash, who has acted alongside the top heroes in Tollywood and has created a space in the hearts of the youth with her beauty, is also very active on social media. She shares her family photos as well as holiday photos through her social media account. Currently, Pranitha is enjoying a trip in Maldives. Praneetha is staying at a beautiful resort in Maldives. She recently posted a short video of herself enjoying in a swimming pool at a resort,  she is staying at. Praneetha was walking out of the pool in the slow motion video.Praneetha also learned scuba diving in Maldives. She also shared photos of scuba diving .
On work front, Praneetha Subhash is currently working in Telugu and Kannada.
During corona lockdown, Praneetha collected donations to help the poor through a website.

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