Powerstar meets the Tribal people of Araku

Pawan Kalyan has a very unique approach in his movies and even in politics. Recently he took a small gap from politics and is busy making films. He posted a video on his Twitter account which is being watched by many people. Right now he is shooting his upcoming movie Vakeel Saab in Araku valley so, yesterday he talked with some of the tribal people over there. Yesterday, a song sung by Araku tribesmen describing the living conditions of those associated with the jungle in Andhra-Oriya. He said "when I heard that, I remembered ‘vanavasi’ written by Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay, which he posted on his Twitter account. The movie Vakeel Saab shooting is going on fastly, he is also going to make a movie with director Krish. He is also going to do the recent Malayalam hit movie ayyappanum koshiyum along with Rana Sagar k Chandra is going to direct this movie.

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