Pelli Sandadi completes 25 years today

The song ‘Soudarya Lahari Swapna Sundari’ is a song that will forever remain in the hearts of Tollywood fans. This song from the movie 'Pelli Sandadi' starring Srikanth and Ravali was a huge sensational in the state at that time. Not only this song but also the movie was a huge blockbuster. Released on January 12, 1996, Pelli Sandadi marks 25 years today. Directed and narrated by K Raghavendra Rao, one of the top directors of the time, the film was super successful. In this movie, Srikanth's performance in an innocent looking character as Vijay Krishna entertained everyone. And the female leads Ravali, Deepti Bhatnagar earned fans with their performance and beauty. The film played for 175 days in 29 centers and set a new record, which only a few Telugu movies achieved at that time. The movie ‘Pelli Sandadi’ was remade in Hindi as ‘Mere Sapunoki Rani’. Also, Bengali film ‘Biyer Phool’, which is based on the story of ‘Pelli Sandadi’ was released in the same year and was a big hit. Pelli Sandadi, co-produced by Ashwini Dutt and Allu Arvind, is still a favorite movie of many.

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