Payal started her Clothing Line

After reaching a certain level in the career, heroes and heroines start businesses apart from doing films. As of now, Samantha, Vijaya Devarakonda, and Puri Jagannath have started their new brands of cloth stores and online stores. The rowdy brand started by Vijaya Devarakonda got a huge craze. Now hot beauty Payal Rajput has joined the same line.Payal Rajput's made a grand entry into Tollywood with the movie ‘RX100 and tasted success. The audiences were mesmerized by her beauty and excellent acting in the film. Payal Rajput turned all the youth towards herself. She got a chance to act in a different role that no other heroine has done before, and with that one film, her range reached the level of a top star. With the first film, this bhama got the craze; she is currently playing glamor roles.Recently, this beauty opened an online cloth store under the brand name Payal shared this news via a video post on her Instagram. If you want this brand of clothes, you can download goomfydotapp and shop there.

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