Payal says "Comment your mood using only emoji"

Payal Rajput made her Tollywood debut with a hit and made a grand entry. The audience was mesmerized by the glamour and excellent acting in the film. This beauty had rewarded herself great career with her acting and glamour. With her choice of roles and movies she cracked the code of Tollywood and reached heights of stardom at early stage of career. Payal Rajput is currently getting glamor roles. She never encroached the boundaries of glamour and always held the integrity of the role that she played. She quoted, she has some rules and she never breaks them. Payal says that my career is now in its infancy and I will not cross the boundaries in the beauty arena. Payal starrer Ananganaga O Athidhi was released in Aaha and was well received. Payal got recognition for her acting along with her glamour in this movie. It is also known that Payal is acting in 5 W. The film is set to release in January. Recently Payal fills Instagram with her photos. Recently Payal posted a photo of herself holding hands with her beautiful gown with nice cute expressions. This photo was shared with fans saying leave your comment with emoji.

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