Pareshan team releases Sara Song

Tollywood audiences accept films if the context is right, regardless of the scale of the film. Many small scale films have already proved this point. However, now there are a lot of hopes on the  upcoming Telugu film Pareshan. The first look of this film has already been released by Ram Gopal Varma. Now the movie team has released a good mass song from this movie on the occasion of New Year. The song "Sau Sara Sau Sara Chetak" is very good with a good beat. The song was composed by music director Yashwant Nag and sung by him. Thiruveer, who played the role of Rangarao in the movie Palasa 1978, is playing the lead role in this Pareshan movie. Also, Pavani Karanam is playing the role of the heroine in this movie. Roopak Ronaldson, the director who made a super hit with the movie Kobbari Matta, is writing and directing the movie. The film is being produced by Siddhartha Rallapally. Many actors who have made a name for themselves in short films are starring in this film. It remains to be seen whether the film will be a hit like Kobbari Matta.

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