Only Taman Is There For Telugu Cinema !!

Taman: There are very few music directors in Telugu. I have to say that they are not the right people to give that level of music, especially to big hero movies. Keeravani and Rajamouli were fixed. Devisree Prasad seems to have lost form.  Taman is only airing. Anirudh's name is being heard for top hero movies while Tollywood is waiting for another music director to fill that space this time.

Once upon a time, Telugu film music flourished all over the South. But now the situation does not exist.  That’s why even quality music doesn’t sound great. Right now it seems a bit okay. We have fewer music directors compared to other industries. On the other hand, if you are a partner in a blockbuster, then the bad habit of running after him is also seen in the Telugu industry.  Top stars however do not look big towards newcomers.

Keeravani has been out of the competition for some years. The competition is mainly between Devi Sri Prasad and Taman.  Devi, who once pushed Taman back, is now falling behind. Even if a super hit movie like Uppena is given .. it is true that he fell behind in comparison with Taman. The main reason for that is the music that these two have given to big hero movies. Another reason why Taman movies are becoming big hits is that now Taman is giving more importance to every listener than Devi.

Taman now has over ten films in his hands, big and small. Only Pushpa, Khiladi and F3 are near Devi. Which means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.  That is why everyone is looking towards other languages. In this order, Anirudh is considered as an option by giving a grand entry in Telugu.  Anirudh received a hit with the jersey after that despite the agnostic disaster.  But then his listeners have largely ignored him.

Anirudh is emerging as the top music director in Tamil.  That is why stars like NTR and Ram Charan are now looking at Anirudh.  NTR - Koratala Shiva is taking Anirudh for the movie .. Ram Charan - Shankar is also thinking of Anirudh for the movie Lingual.  Koratala has done music with Devi Shree for all his films till now.  Shankar also went with AR Rehman.  But now these two are suddenly looking towards Anirudh.  However, it is true that there is a shortage of music directors in Telugu now. Diamonds are found somewhere in the soil.  Once sifted they come to light.  But with so much patience, time is of the essence.

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