Niharika-Chaitanya off to their honeymoon!

Tollywood Mega Daughter Niharika did not go for a lavish New Year party this year. Rather, she opted to ring in the New Year in a simple way. Earlier, she would have a grand party in the presence of her family and friends. Now that she got married, she celebrated her first New Year's with her husband Chaitanya. She is currently on her honeymoon and the couple celebrated New Year's eve away from home. On this occasion, Niharika took to social media and shared some family photos and said that she was missing them. She is abroad with her hubby and she also  shared photos of her honeymoon vacation. The couple went to Maldives for their honeymoon. It was there that Niharika welcomed his new year. This is the first New Year for Niharika after her wedding. She has been posting her honeymoon photos on social media from time to time. These photos are going viral in a matter of hours. Recently, she posted a photo where she and her husband were hugging each other and the sun in the back looked like it was peaking.

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