New-gen filmmaker Tharun Bhascker launched ‘Annapurna Photo Studio’ second single!!

Unveiling the most interesting insights of the film, ‘Annapurna Photo Studio’ team is hyping audience expectations on its release. Tasteful producer Yash Rangineni of Big Ben Cinemas is backing this project.

New-gen talented director Tharun Bhascker has launched the breezy second single “Vennello Adapilla” from the film today and he instantly loved the vibe of song.

Starring 30 Weds 21 fame Chaitanya Rao and Lavanya as the leads, this romantic number is written by Srinivasa Mouli and sung by S.P. Charan, Gomathi Iyer with Prince Henry’s music.

Speaking on the occasion, Tharun Bhascker says “I’ve launched the second single of ‘Annapurna Photo Studio’ today and I truly feel the song has a fresh vibe. It surely will be in my loop list for longtime. Movie has a pure vibe and Prince Henry’s music surely seems to be a great asset to amplify it. I’ve seen few visuals from the movie and Chaitanya, lavanya have performed very well”

Hero Chaitanya Rao says “Thank you Tharun Bhascker garu for launching our song. Our second single “Vennello Adapilla” is my favorite from the film. First song ‘Rangamma’ turned out to be a chartbuster and I hope this song makes it to the top too. I have known Tharun Bhascker from the time he made ‘Sainma’ short film and I have always wished to work with him since then. I’m glad the association happened this way. I’m happy to have two songs in our film sung by S.P. Charan garu. Music director Henry is talented and the chartbuster songs proved that already. Vennello Adapilla sounds soulful and breezy to hear anytime. I thank my director Chendu Muddu for the opportunity. I thank our producer Yash Rangineni garu for encouraging new talents with opportunities through Big Ben Cinemas. We’ll announce the release date very soon”

Heroine Lavanya says “Thankyou Tharun Bhascker garu for launching our song. I’m a big fan of Tarun garu and I’m extremely happy that he’s supporting us. Our ‘Rangamma’ song got a viral response and I’m sure the second single ‘Vennello Adapilla’ will also win your hearts. Our music director Henry garu’s beats, S.P. Charan garu’s vocals and Srinivasa Mouli garu’s lyrics are beautiful. I thank my director Chendu Muddu for the wonderful role. I specially thank our producer Yash Rangineni garu for backing new talents like us with such a great opportunity

Lyric writer Srinivasa Mouli says “I’ve written 3 songs in this film. First song ‘Rangamma’ turned out to be a big hit. Director Chendu showed me a few visuals of the film for this song. Music director Prince gave interesting beats and my favorite singer S.P. Charan garu and Rajitha sang it very beautifully. Most of my melodies are chartbusters and I wish this turns out as well”

Cast: Chaitanya Rao, Lavanya, Mihira, Uttara, Raghava, Aditya and others.
Writer, Director: Chendu Muddu
Music Director: Prince Henry
Cinematographer: Pankaj
Editor: D Venkat Prabhu
PRO: GSK Media
Banner: Big Ben Cinemas
Producer: Yash Rangineni

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