New bride Niharika celebrates her birthday

Tollywood actor and producer Naga Babu’s daughter Niharika Konidella, who
got married on 9 December, 2020, is celebrating her birthday today. Niharika
earned a good name as an actor with the web series Muddappu Avakaya. She also
entertained audiences with her superb hosting. She also acted Recently in films.
Niharika was married to Guntur IG Prabhakar Rao's son Chaitanya. The wedding
ceremony was held on the lines of destination marriage in Udaipur Palace in
Rajasthan. The mega family had a lot of fun in the ceremony. Niharika and
Chaitanya’s wedding events were mesmerizing. Mega and Allu families and
celebrities participated in the wedding. It is common to celebrate her birthday every
year. But this time, Niharika is celebrating this birthday with a new surname in a
new house. This is the first birthday Niharika after marriage. On this occasion,
Niharika's husband Chaitanya Jonalagadda wished his wife a special birthday.

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