New age Hero Sri Simha's thrilling next titled 'Bhaag Saale'!!

Emerging production house Vedaansh Creative Works is making it in
association with Big Ben Cinema & Cine Valley Movies. Believing that
content itself brings audience to theatres, the team have created this
exciting crime comedy 'Bhaag Saale' which is directed by Praneeth Sai.

Revealing the first look today, Producer Arjun Dasyan said " Our
exciting next 'Bhaag Saale' is a new age Crime Comedy made to
entertain theatrical audience. Story revolves around hero's struggles
to be successful by any means. Simha is playing the lead and it'll go
down as one of his best roles. John Vijay is playing the Antagonist
along with Nandini Rai while Neha Solanki is playing the female lead.
We're making it uncompromisingly with stellar comedians and actors
such as Rajeev Kanakala, Viva Harsha, Satya, Sudarshan, Varshini etc.
We are very confident about the film's success."

Music scored by Kala Bhairava, editing by Karthika R Srinivas &
cinematography by Ramesh Kushender.

Wrapping up the shoot, movie is currently in Post Production phase and
getting ready to release in theatres very soon.

Cast: Sri Simha koduri, Neha Solanki, Rajeev Kanakala, John Vijay,
Varshini Sounderajan, Nandini Rai, Viva Harsha, Satya , Sudarshan,
Prithvi Raj, RJ Hemanth, Bindu Chandramouli.

Producers: Arjun Dasyan, Yash Rangineni, Singanamala Kalyan
Director: Praneeth Sai
DOP : Ramesh Kushendar
Music : Kaala Bhairava
Editor : R. Karthika Srinivas
Art Director : Sruthi Nookala
Fight master : Rama Krishna
Choreographer : Bhanu, Vijay Polaki
Executive Producer : Aswathama, Giftson Korabandi

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