Neelakanta’s Circle Motion Poster Unveiled!!

National award winning director Neelakanta, who previously won national award for ‘Show’ film is up with another interesting film now. Back then, Show won national award for best feature film and best screenplay and was selected for Indian panorama along with other film, Virodhi.

His next film is titled Circle and the motion poster of the same was unveiled a short while ago.

The motion poster is a technically slick one as we see a rotation shot of a model while the tagline We don’t know when, how, whom we’ll make enemies.

The poster has Neelakanta mark stamped all over it. The unit is also said to be really excited about what the film has to offer to the audience.

The film is produced under Ara Productions. It has Sai Ronak, Baba Bhaskar, Aragon Mehta, Richa Panai, Naina, and others in the lead roles.

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