Narendra Chowdary : A good Samaritan who hiked salaries for his staff during Covid-19

Narendra Chowdary is not only an entrepreneur who owns the biggest media house. His NTV is famous for unbiased and uncompromised television journalism which talks nothing but only the truth. Its Chairman and the guiding force behind the success of NTV, T. Narendra Chowdary is known for many noble deeds and plays an important role in spearheading the society in right direction.

His recent gesture of extending salary hike and provide the much-needed support to the staff of NTV stands as an illuminating example of his golden heart. Amidst the second wave of the most dreadful Corona Virus where many organizations are downsizing the manpower and reducing the salaries of employees, Narendra Chowdary who believes in humanity has exhibited his philanthropist attitude and proved his commitment towards his staff by giving reasonable hike in salaries and also taking steps to add more staff by recuiting new employees.
This is just a tip of the magnanimity of Narendra Chowdary which reiterates his concern for those working in his organization. He is also equally active in sponsoring various programmes for the upliftment of weaker and poorer sections of society along with contributing to the development of spiritual awareness among people.

We have seen entrepreneurs and businessmen who exploit their employees but Narendra Chowdary is an entrepreneur with a heart who doesn't blink an eye to extend the support to his employees in any situation and treats them as his own family. He is definitely a role model for the young entrepreneurs who need to think about people and society in addition to the business.

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