"Narappa" going to release in an OTT platform....!!

Victory venkatesh's upcoming crazy rural drama "Narappa" has been in making for a long time. Though the shooting completed along time, the makers of Narappa had to wait for the right time to release it. The team Narappa announced that is coming screens on may 13th but it looks like that is no longer an option.

 Just like the last year, the summer is  expected to be clouded by corona virus once again as per reports. with this, the makers of "Narappa"  are now planning to release it directly ok an  OTT platform. The official announcement is expected to come within a couple of days and it is to be seen which online streaming service grabs the film.

  As we know, "Narappa " is a remake of tamil  superhit film "Asuran" directed by vetri maran. Dhanush received a national award for his acting and thr original flim is available on  Amazon Prime video. We need to see how " Narappa " impresses the audience if it comes out online.
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