Nani shares making stills from ‘V’ movie

Natural Star Nani was last seen in the Tollywood film 'V'. It marked Nani’s 25th film and keeping this in mind, the star actor played a very special role in the film. Nani’s character in the film had negative shades and he was completely convincing. Owing to the fact that theaters across the country were closed due to the pandemic, the film was released in on Amazon Prime. First, the film received a mixed response and gradually the film was appreciated by everyone. 'V' was released on Gemini TV last evening. Recently, Nani revealed how he moulded his different looks in the film. Nani looks very effective in the role and his looks as a soldier very just mind blowing. Nani earned a very good name through this film. Nani is currently acting in the film ‘Tuck Jagdish’ which is being directed by Shiva Nirvana.

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