Nagarjuna laid foundation stone for Jubilee Hills Society Park

King Akkineni Nagarjuna was the first senior heroes to come out of Tollywood and do shootings when the government started relaxing lockdown rules. He started shooting for his film ‘Wild Dog’ a few days after the approval and completed it in a short time. After that Nagarjuna got busy hosting Bigg Boss show. The Bigg Boss show, which ran for 105 days, was recently completed. Once again Akkineni Nagarjuna scored good marks with his hosting. He will now shift the focus to his next films.
There is another update from the king. According to the latest reports, Nagarjuna participated in the stone laying ceremony for the Jubilee Hills Society Park. Nag co-hosted the event with Sridhar Rao, CEO of Walgo Infra. Satish Reddy and Ashok Babu also participated in the program

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