Nabha Natesh Suffered A Bad Accident, Multiple Surgeries!!

In a shocking revelation, talented young actress Nabha Natesh has
opened up about about the bad accident that she had suffered a while
ago. She injured her shoulder in the same.

The actress has shared a heartfelt note on social media, describing
what had actually happened.

“The past year has been tough, I got into a bad accident, where my
left shoulder sustained multiple bone fractures and had to undergo
repeated complicated surgeries” she wrote.

“I went through unimaginable physical and emotional pain. Recuperating
from the injury and taking a back seat from films, something I love
the most was not easy.” Nabha added in her note.

“The only thing that gave me the courage was the love I received from
all of you, for all the work I've done so far. I am glad to share with
you all that I have now fully recovered and am back, standing stronger
than ever. Hello 2023! I am all ready for you” Nabha concluded.

Nabha has fully recovered now and she is set to sign multiple new projects.

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