Launch of My South Diva Calendar by Vishwak Sen

The My South Diva 2021 calendar launch event designed with South heroines'
beautiful photo shoots went viral yesterday. Vishwak Sen, Director Karuna
Kumar, and Bharathi Cements Marketing Director Ravinder Reddy were the
chief guests at the event and launched the My South Diva 2021 calendar.
Malvika Sharma, Ruhani Sharma, Simrat Kaur, Sanchita Shetty, and others
participated in the event. The photoshoots were all shot by renowned
photographer Media9 Manoj Kumar and team. Vishwak Sen, who was the chief
guest at the event, said, "I have known Manoj for many years and he has been
advising and supporting me in terms of career." Director Karuna Kumar said,
“Palasa 1978 was released and I am in this position today and this was possible
because of Manoj sir and he helped a lot and released the film at a time when
no one came forward to help us to release the film". He is the reason why the
film has become such a good film after being released on Amazon Prime.
Ruhani Sharma said, "It was a pleasure to be here and it was so much fun to
work with Manoj Kumar." Malvika Sharma also congratulated the launch of the
Media9 website. Regarding 12 Heroines Photoshoots, Malvika Sharma said that
this calendar is very beautiful and she is very happy that such a calendar trend is
coming in the South. Sanchita Shetty said, “It is a pleasure to be here and it is a
good experience to work with Manoj sir. He always supports those who have
talent. ” Simrat Kaur said, "This is my first calendar. Thanks to Manoj for making

me look so beautiful, as well as my congratulations to the Media9 team." Also,
Bharathi Cements Marketing Director Ravinder Reddy said, "We have been
working with Media9 Manoj Kumar from the beginning and we want this to
continue for many more coming years in the future." Manoj says thank you to all
the guests who came to the calendar launch. He said the calendar was brought
in especially with the idea of ​​introducing newcomers to the industry.
Congratulations to Manoj Kumar and for team Media9's for their official

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