Movies streaming well on O.T.T platforms

The lockdown caused many movies to release on OTT platforms. While some films were released as it was getting too late for the release, some others were released for profit. Independent of the release in the theatre or in OTT, films with a good story line are encouraged by the audience. For instance, the movie ‘V’ film did not do as well as expected. After that, the movie 'Aakasham Nee Haddura' was released and the response to this movie was as expected. The film is streaming with good views even now. The blockbuster hits ‘Master’ and ‘Krack’ have been released on OTT. The movie Master released in the theatres and grossed 200 crores and it was then released on Amazon Prime and the audience are still receiving it well. The film was also viewed by the fans that live abroad after its release on Prime. Ravi Teja's long awaited hit 'Krack'. The film was also released in Aha. The film received 2.2 million views within 24 hours of its release. Just like all the films released for Sankranthi have been hits, let's hope that the upcoming films will also be hits.

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