Mogalthuru Gives Royal Welcome To Prabhas & Family!!

The memorial service of Krishnam Raju was held at his hometown, Mogalthuru today and it was attended by Prabhas and Krishnam Raju's family.

This is the first time Prabhas is setting foot in Mogalthuru after a decade and he received a very warm welcome from the locals.

There was a massive turnout of crowd to see Prabhas and offer final respects to their local hero, Krishnam Raju.

The memorial service is a grand one and the family had also arranged a grand feast to the attendees.

Prabhas greeted his fans and commoners alike. He appeared to be touched by the love and warmth he received from the local crowds.

This goes down as an emotional day for the people of Mogalthuru and Prabhas's family.

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