Mesmerizing love melody as nakosam from ninnela ninnela

A sweet feeling of love .. That is why lovers continue an unknown emotional journey. Cine fans are always entertained by the variety of love stories that connect the audience with such an emotion. The 'Ninnila Ninnila' team says that such a different love and emotional journey will be felt in our film.
The film is being produced by Ashok Selvan, Nithya Minin and Rituvarma as the hero and heroines. Ani IV Shashi is directing. There has been an amazing response to the recently released movie trailer. On Tuesday, Chitra Unit released Love Melody from the movie.'' This melody was sung by Srimani Rayanga, Rajesh Murugesan and Vijay Yesudas. The film is directed by Rajesh Murugesan.The producers said that the release date of the film, which is currently undergoing post-production, will be announced soon.

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