Megastar congratulates Sonu Sood.

Sonu Sood stood by thousands of workers during the lockdown. He sent thousands of homeless people to their hometowns with his own money. Everyone congratulated Sonu Sood for being so kind. However, Sonu Sood and Chiranjeevi are currently shooting for the film Acharya Sonu Sood has already been honored with a small tribute during the shooting of the film. But now Sonu Sood's expressed how he is feeling about what all happened in the lockdown through the book I'm No Messiah. This book was given to Chiranjeevi by Sonu Sood during the Acharya film shooting. The megastar posted a photo of him taking the book from Sonu Sood on his Twitter account. Where he said Congratulated on the release of ‘I am No Messiah’ book. The book I am No Messiah is available in Hindi and English.

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