Megastar Chiranjeevi Contest in Aha

Popular Telugu platform 'Aha' OTT has recently launched a special talk show with Samantha under the name 'Sam Jam'. On this show, Samantha impresses the audience by interviewing many celebrities in her own style. And, it is known that Tollywood megastar Chiranjeevi is coming to this show. Aha OTT has put a small contest related to megastar through their social media account. In this contest, some questions will be asked about megastar Chiranjeevi and prizes will be given to the winners. By this way, they are slowly increasing the craze for the upcoming episode with Chiranjeevi Garu on Sam Jam Show.Chiranjeevi Garu's episode, which has already been completed, will be streamed on Aha on Christmas. The promo for this mega episode coming up on the Sam Jam show will be released soon. With this episode, Aha OTT might get an opportunity to increase its popularity in Telugu. Samantha is going to do an episode on the show with stylish star Allu Arjun soon.

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