Medak travel video from Youtube channel My South Diva

Medak Fort is a popular tourist destination. This fort, which is about 100 KMS from Hyderabad, is very important for the Telangana region. Tollywood Youtube channel My South Diva has given a lot of details about this fort in their latest travel episode on the channel. The trailer of the episode was released on social media by the team of My South Diva team. In this episode, Hita Bhagwat explores the beautiful place and talks about Medak fort. This Medak fort was built by the Kakatiya Emperor Prataparudra II for the protection of his kingdom. This fort dates back to the 12th century. There are many granaries and ruined houses in this fort. In the upcoming episodes, My South Diva YouTube Channel is set to explore more places like Darjeeling, Vizag and Anantagiri Hills and provide more information. Like, share and subscribe to the channel to know more about the travel destinations around you.

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